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The Griffin Inn is loved for its eclectic mix of cutting edge craft beers, stunning & affordable wines and a mix of world class and local real ales.
Craft beer, local cider, Real ale

A bar less ordinary

We take pride in bringing the best modern and traditional beer styles to our pub and as such we keep house favourites, from the Majestic Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (Yorkshire 4.3%) to Electric Bear’s Persuasion (Bath 3.8%) –  for the adventurous we have craft beers from Bristol, Belgium, Brooklyn & beyond.

It is a rare privilege to go to a pub where the wines have been selected with care, attention and an honest love of wine. So if you are treating yourself to Pan Fried Seabass from our evening menu, then look no further than the superb zesty, tropical fruit Huia Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand; or if it is a subtle red you are seeking, then our Gran Ducay Reserva with its ripe, velvety smoothness is perfect to go with our renowned Sunday Roasts.

For Special Occasions, our house Champagne is a revelation with its subtle flavours and warm finish.  Handily this comes in ½ bottles for added intimacy.

Finally there is Bath’s Best Bloody Mary, served in a huge glass and topped with sherry and plenty of celery – a beauty and a meal in itself.

Our Wines



Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (4.3%)
Bristol Beer Factory’s Nova (4.3%)
Electric Bear’s Persuasion (4.3%)
+ 3 rotating guests


Honey’s Midford Cider (6.5%)
Thatcher’s Heritage (4.9%)
Ashton Press (4.8%)

Lagers/Craft Beer

Veltins (4.8%)
Freedom 4 (4.0%)
Brooklyn Lager (5.2%)
+ 3 rotating craft beers & Stouts.

Belgian Beer

Brugse Zot (6.5%)
+ guest Belgian
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